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furniture design

We work hand-in-hand with our clients to design the perfect one of a kind piece of furniture that meets their needs.  Our specialties include dinning and conference tables, living room and bedroom sets and wall art.


Best table saw

After designing we get to work.  The build process varies between projects but we will always try to layout a project schedule the best we can to keep clients informed.


Custom Wood Table

Now you are ready to create memories around your new custom furniture.  Our items are built to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Ready to get started?

A personalized quote to bring your dreams to reality only takes a few short seconds. 


Live Edge Table

Live Edge Slab

Nothing says one-of-a-kind like a uniquely colored and figured live edge slab.  "Live Edge" refers to a piece of wood that still has the outer parts of the tree attached.  Typically the bark itself is removed leaving a beautiful contoured edge.  We source our slabs from a variety of local saw mill that are able to mill trees from all over the US.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed Wood

Whether its oak from a barn built in the early 1900s or a cedar fence from the 1940s, all reclaimed wood has a story to tell.  The rustic nature of reclaimed wood can be used in anything from farmhouse inspired furniture to industrial furniture.

wood dinning table

Traditional Style

Looking for something a little more traditional?  We've got you covered.  With access to a large variety of hardwoods from walnut and maple to oak and ash we are able to build a table that can be passed down generation to generation.