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Timber & Ash Designs

    Memories consist of various things, mainly sights, sounds, feelings, and smells.  Growing up following my dad around construction sites familiarized me with wood, tools and the joyful feeling knowing you have yet another happy customer.  Every time a saw blade slices into a piece of wood the air fills with that all to familiar smell I experienced growing up working with my dad.  If there is only one thing I could take with me that he taught me it would be that there is no substitution for quality and precision.  At Timber & Ash Designs we believe in producing high quality, handcrafted custom furniture.  Whether you are looking for shelving, furniture, decor or something in between, Timber & Ash Designs is here to help. 

  What does Timber & Ash Designs mean?  The word Timber is fitting for a few reasons. 1. We build things from wood.  Pretty obvious correlation.   2.  Timber represent strength and sturdiness, something in which we believe is fundamental in quality products.  The word Ash took a little more thinking.  No, we don't shovel out the fire pit and decorate things with ash.  If you do some searching for items that have images, monograms or designs depicted on them they are typically painted or "carved" using a CNC machine.  One way we set ourselves apart from everyone else is by offering pyrography (wood burning) on any items available.  Technically we are not burning the wood to the point it turns to ash, but the name is in a special way representative of what we do. 

The Makings of a Woodworker

Custom Live Edge Table

Our Specialties

Woodworking is broad term that can consist of everything from wood carving and turning to handmade cutting boards and custom made furniture and cabinetry.  At Timber & Ash Designs our specialty is custom furniture made from unique wood species.  With a variety of local hardwoods available and access to species from all over the United States your options are endless when purchasing a custom made item from us.  In addition to wood furniture we also make a variety of smaller items included cutting boards, shelving and wooden signs.  Please contact us today to begin designing you next piece.